Monday, April 2, 2007

click on the photo to see more photos...Eliana Joy Lin

Eliana's Gotcha Day


Barbara said...

She is just breathtaking. She looks like a mini Jackie Sue. I can't wait to meet her. Sure missing our chats. We'll make up for that next week in China. Love you guys and congratulations,
Barb in CA

Jessie's parents said...

She is gorgeous, Jackie!!! I love the photos. They speak more than words ever could. God bless you!

Esther & Emma's Jie Jie said...

She's adorable!! Congratulations!! Can't wait to meet her!

Pete said...

Aw, she's too cute, mom! I walked out of French class and suddenly thought, EGADS!!! I have a new baby sister! so I rushed to go see pics and all of that. I'm so excited.

The play went smashingly. Opening night was alittle rough, but everything else was splendid. Chris got all of them on tap . .. or most of all of them. Opening night, the video camera died almost halfway through (which is ok, because that night was good but not great), the next night he decided to film me only, and the night after he filmed the whole thing, and the next he was a wee bit late because he was out buying me this breathetaking emerald and diamond necklace as an early one-year anniversary gift. Everyone keeps complimenting me on it, and then two fellows in the library just came up and told me that I'm so quiet here, but after they saw the play, they figure that I'm just sitting here contimplating how to kill them all. Oh well, guess that's one way to reach out to a group of people. But yes it went very, very well. I had tons of fun (despite the fact that our directors decided to make Eric's and my kiss more "passionate" --"You look like you're kissing your brother" they said, and I'm sorry, but I couldn't help but reply with, "well, DUH!!!"--and Chris sat on the front row every night, bless his heart, but he was ok with it, and didn't make a fuss or seem really upset). He and I had fun, and Mary even came up to see it, and we had a good time. I'll blog more about it, soon, but I'm EXHAUSTED, and have a paper to work on and another due next week. So I love you guys and miss you tons! I can't wait to meet Eliana!!!!!