Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The face David gets when he comes near!


Pete said...

She is just too cute! how funny . . . poor Daddy . .. it's ok, I still love him, me and his other two little girls, and she'll come around, soon enough -.^ So how have you all been? Feeling better, yet? How does Davie like China? Made any fun friends?

Ok, so I've started looking at classes, and I have to ask my advisor if my minor classes count as electives or not, and, if they do not, then I ge tto take 18 credits next semester. Who's excited? NOT ME!!!! hehehehe Oh well, at least they won't all be totally back to back. I get to register on the 10 or 11th, and I'm going to see my advisor, the amazing Dr. Miller, tomorrow morning before art. Life continues, a little less hectic but still hectic. I gave blood today after turning in a paper at three, and then slept for two hours. Jessie took me to Walgreens to get my new acne medication, and then I ran to Walmart to get some edibles for this weekend since I cannot go out of town due to my requirement to be at work. I'm going to church and Easter lunch with Savannah, though, so I'm taken care of -.^ Love you and miss you tons!

P.S. I made a 95 on both my French quiz and communications midterm. I've been making higher grades in French, so hopefully I'll pull through with a B, but, unless I mess up big time in these next four weeks, my friend, the reliable C will be my companion -.^

christie said...

Poor David!! But just like Sarah said she will come around soon! She is too cute! I can't wait to meet her. I love all of the pictures. Take care of yourselves! Lots of Love! Christie

nikki said...

Great picture!
My daughter wouldn't let me hold her without screaming bloody murder the entire 2 weeks we were in she doesn't like to have me out of her sight!