Sunday, April 8, 2007

Jiangxi Province

If you click on the photo below you will see many of the photos taken in Eliana's province. The village photos are there as well as the shop where we bought a vase for our friend Audra and Ellie's tea set. The photo with us and a Chinese woman is our guide, Mary. She is such a precious woman and now that we are in Guangzhou we miss her sweet spirit. She grew up in a village like the one in the photos and was the only person to leave her village to go to the university in the city. Her father was a doctor and she worked very very hard to do well so that she could go to the university. The only person to do that in her entire village. Amazing! The families in the village have lived there for generations. The entire village shares one bath house. There are photos of the bath house...the first is the mens, check the Chinese Character, and the second is the women's. The Chinese live a very hard life, but as is often the case, the folks in the village seemed much happier than the ones you see in the cities. Less is more, no? This has been the trip of a lifetime! I love China and have enjoyed this trip so much more than the first time. My appreciation and love for the Chinese and their way of life has grown over the last three+ years. While my photo stuff seems to be working I will post some more photos of the art museum we saw yesterday in Guangzhou. Love to all!

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