Monday, April 30, 2007

Eliana Joy Lin is 1!

Last week we celebrated Ellie's first birthday! She absolutely loved her cake. We had a quiet party at home with just us. It was so soon after getting home that I just couldn't put anything bigger together. We had a nice evening though. Of course Sarah was missing, but that couldn't be helped...Mississippi is just too far to come for a birthday party and she was sorely missed. We are adjusting. It was good this last weekend to be home all weekend with nothing planned so that Ellie could get in 2 naps a day and just hang out at home. She is becoming a very happy little girl. Last night at Bible study the ladies said she is like a different little girl from just two weeks before. That was so encouraging to this momma's heart. Life at home remains a bit overwhelming, but I still have a few weeks of maternity leave yet, so I'm sure I will get it together by the It has been a blessing to have Ellie in our family. Davie is coming to terms with it all. She must feel like she is losing me because she is telling me she loves me all the time and even saying to others that she only loves me. I wish she didn't feel any sense of loss, but it would be pretty impossible to not. She loves her mei mei and is never mean to her, she just seems to feel a bit insecure about me. Please pray that we all continue to adjust and that I will be willing to do all the hard work that it takes to be the wife and mom I'm supposed to be. God Bless you, too!

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